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Adi Durga Steel Pvt. Ltd.

Adi Durga Steel Pvt. Ltd.

Adi Durga Steel Private Limited is heralding a revolution in the construction industry. Using the versatility and beauty of steel, the company is continuously striving for better safety standards in construction, innovation, new products, technology advancement and better usage of existing technology.

We currently are suppliers of projects for PEB (Hot-Rolled Steel), PEB-lite (Cold-Rolled Steel), Light Gauge Steel Framing Structures (LGSF) in Pan India. with more than 350+ projects completed and esteemed clientele we aim to become one of the leading players in Pre-Engineered Building Solutions.

Adi Durga Steel Pvt. Ltd is part of the Durga Steel Group, which has a strong experience in Steel Trading of Heavy Structure since 38+ years. We have our own PEB factory at Raipur wherein we offer Hot Rolled Steel PEB. We offer complete range of Tata BlueScope products from Color Coated Profiles i.e. Lysaght, Deck Profile, SmartDeck to complete range of PEB solution using Cold rolled & Hot rolled steel.

So if you still ask WHY STEEL & PEB? Here is the answer:

  •   No Maintenance.
  •   Special consideration for wind speed and seismic zone means SAFE BUILDINGS.
  •   Optimum Utilization of material means ECONOMICAL BUILDINGS.
  •   Green Building Solution means SAVING NATURE.
  •   Recyclable & Reusable with Excellent Scrap value means VALUE FOR MONEY.
  •   Quick Project Completion & Return on Investment TIME SAVING.
  •   Easy Future Expansion or Modification.
  •   Aesthetic Look.

We have Steel Building Solutions for EVERYONE to all section of Society. We construct buildings according to one's needs and requirement, Like -

  •   Builders  – Clubhouse, Sample Flat, Site Office, Roofing Solution etc.
  •   Industrialists  – Warehouses, Sheds, Parking Sheds, G+1 Buildings, Office Buildings etc.
  •   Businessmen – Showrooms, Roof-top Buildings, Warehouses, Resorts, Gyms etc.
  •   School, Hospitals & Colleges – Auditoriums, Sports Facility, Stadium, Roof-top Building, Roofing Solution.
  •   Government – Temporary Shelters, Stadium, Sheds, Low-cost Housing, Multi-floor Sheds etc.
  •   Individuals – Farmhouses, Retail Outlets, Roof-top Buildings, Roofing Solution etc.
  •   Solar Parks - Puf panel building, Investor rooms, control rooms, Cold Roll and Hot Roll structured (Iron & steel).