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Director's Message

Director - Mr. Gopal Agrawal

Mr. Gopal Agrawal

Designation : Chairman
Durga Steel Group

Director's Message

Today is the time when countries all over the world are evolving with innovative techniques to build smart and beautiful. We have inherited Architecture & Construction from our forefathers. So it is our duty to not just develop buildings but make beauties that our next generations could admire and appreciate.

We at Durga Steel Group have pledged to transform "Steel" as "Splendid Steel". Over the years Steel has evolved its forte from Strength to Beauty.

Steel is now offering more design freedom to architects and builders than ever with its modern combination of strength, beauty, adaptability & endless recyclability. The speed with which the pre-engineered building technology is making in-roads in Commercial and residential segment across rural and urban areas of the country, India is well set to become a major steel building maker in the world. India is also the fastest growing market in the PEB construction segment at 9.5% quite ahead of China with a growth rate of 8.5%. Steel buildings have proven to be safer, fire resistant, energy efficient and less time to build with relevant and beneficial longer structural lifespan. Greatest advantage of Steel Buildings is that they are 95% recyclable and it does not cause air pollution during construction. No dust and garbage accumulation in construction area offers hassle free working environment for the customer. We offer complete system from providing steel beams, angles, channels, plates etc. to supplying fabrication of steel buildings to building pre-fabricated steel buildings. "Trust Steel. Trust Us".

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