Pre Load

Light Gauge Steel Framing Structure


    Based on the concept of pre-engineered building system LGSF using advanced computer technology designs structure of frames. The material is galvanized and hence better corrosion resistant. The design is totally customizable as per the client requirement. The designs consider plumbing, electrification, seismic zone and wind speed as per the location. This system is suitable for complete building or just roof. With application of roof it gives beautiful designs within few days.

    The major advantages are :-

    .  Made from high tensile steel to last longer.
    .  The frame won’t warp, rot, shrink, or fuel a fire.
    .  Better control over Thermal Expansion & Contraction.
    .  Advanced computer technology makes steel framing roof and wall designs quick and well-engineered.
    .  Competitively priced.
    .  Overall lower lifetime costs.
    .  Design virtually any domestic & commercial wall or frame system.
    .  Steel framing is faster and quicker to install than virtually any other conventional material.
    .  Makes it a good alternative to RCC buildings with lower build up time.

    Applications :-

    .  Farmhouses, cottages
    .  Guest houses, sample flats
    .  Roof-top Building
    .  Hotel & resorts
    .  Administrative blocks & site offices
    .  Schools buildings
    .  Canteen buildings, multi-purpose halls.
    .  Designer roofs