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6 Tactics To Construct Cost-Effective PEB

The modernization of the construction industry brought about the necessity of fast-paced, economical and efficient building techniques. PEB structures are an example of such techniques. Pre-engineered buildings or PEB are metal structures that are designed and fabricated by PEB manufacturers and distributors in manufacturing plants. These components are then shipped to the construction site where the structure is assembled and erected with the help of nuts and bolts.

What is the cost of making PEB?

The cost of making pre-engineered buildings generally depends on the size of the construction, the quality of materials used and the add-on adjustments done to them. Basically, the cost of construction of PEB is inversely proportional to the amount of steel utilized in the construction. So, less steel consumption means less cost.

Here we are going to discuss some ways by which one can build their optimal PEB structure at the minimum cost of construction.

1. The shape of the shed

Generally, the shed of a PEB is made as to the layout or optimum land utilization. This is why we often build sheds in a zig-zag shape. But if one can manage the land utilization and build a shed of rectangular shape, the cost of construction can be highly reduced.

The rectangular shape of PEB






The rectangular shape of PEB

2. Height of the PEB shed

Pre-engineered buildings can be of various heights and stairs or ladders can be installed accordingly as per requirement. But the cost of construction also increases with the height of the PEB structure. So the height of the PEB shed should be made optimum as per one's utilization. It does not have to be 8 or 10 meters as a standard size. The standard size depends on one's application and requirement.

Optimal height of PEB as per Usage







Optimal height of PEB as per Usage

3. Width or Span of the PEB

The width or span of a PEB is basically the distance from outside of eave strut of its one sidewall to the outside of eave strut of the opposite sidewall. A span of 80 ft is considered optimal in PEB and is the best for cost management. If this span is made 100 ft or 150 ft which can also be designed in clear span, but in these cases, central support with portal bracing has to be taken. This will affect the cost of construction drastically, especially for warehouses which are often given for rental.

Clear span of PEB






Clear span of PEB

4. Crane weight in the PEB

Various types of cranes are operated in the industry for different purposes. All PEB steel structures can be manufactured for the provision of crane operation as per operational needs. The weight of the crane in pre-engineered buildings should be kept optimum as per utilization. Also, the height of the PEB has to be kept in mind before the installation of the crane and has to be decided from the bottom of the hook as a buffer of 2 meters has to be included for maintenance purposes. This is not only important for accurate building design but also reduces the cost of construction of the PEB structures.

5. Provision for Future Expansion

There is a provision of expansion in PEB structures which can be done on all the four sides of the structure. But this brings about a surge of increment in the cost of construction. One should understand their site of construction and decide accordingly for the provision of expansion. The plan of the PEB structure should be decided in such a way so that an expansion provision is left only on one side and the structure is also built as per the optimal usage. This brings about a well-planned design and also reduces the cost of construction of the PEB.

Provision for Future Expansion in PEB






Provision for Future Expansion in PEB

6. Changes due to Wind Speed in the PEB

If the site of construction is not in the coastal belt then one can construct their PEB as per the IS recommend standard for the safest structure. If one further increases the wind speed, the size of the columns in the building also increases. These columns are heavy and the increase in its number also brings about an increase in the cost of construction of the PEB. So one should follow the IS recommended standard as they are made under a lot of guidelines and safety measures.

But if the construction site is in the coastal areas, one can take further safety measures and increase one's wind speed. This is practical for maintenance purposes and also for the cost-efficient construction of PEB.

These tactics can be very helpful for anyone dealing with PEB, especially for those who want to construct their PEB efficiently under a strict budget. We hope one can employ some of these tactics in their future constructions.

Adi Durga steel has an experience of 30 years in the steel industry and has been making Pre-Engineered Buildings since the last 10 years. We use advanced technology to make safe, profitable and inexpensive constructions and provide one with the most efficiently constructed structures.

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