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6 Ways In Which PEB Warehouse Is Better Than Civil Warehouse

6 Ways In Which PEB Warehouse Is Better Than Civil Warehouse

Certain notable factors like the recyclable nature of steel, chances to redeem investment even on dismantling the structure, and other significant advantages such as cost-effectiveness, faster delivery, faster installation, superior quality, hassle-free execution and so on, has helped PEB to gain popularity and become significant for any type of warehouse construction surpassing the traditional civil warehouses.

In this blog, we are going to discuss a few points to show how PEB Warehouses are better than Civil Warehouses.

1. PEB Warehouse is Cost-Effective

The construction of PEB warehouses is cost-effective. This is basically because the cost of construction of Pre-Engineered Buildings warehouses is decided at the beginning of the project and undergoes no altercations due to market fluctuations in the cost of the construction materials and other factors. These provisions make it easier for one to remain within the budget while building any PEB structure, including a warehouse.

There is no provision of pre-defined costing in the construction of Civil Warehouses. Therefore, one has to continuously make modifications in the budget due to variations in the market prices.

2. Construction of PEB Warehouse is Fast

The construction of a PEB warehouse is faster in comparison to the construction of a Civil Warehouse. Pre-Engineered Buildings are designed in advance and manufactured in a controlled environment. There is no issue of budget or labourers, which accounts for the faster delivery of PEB warehouses. Also, there is a high Return of Investment (ROI) due to the timely completion of PEB projects, which means the proprietor gets to recover his/her investment faster.

Durga Steel_PEB_Warehouse-1





Construction of PEB is Fast

Civil warehouses are constructed in a volatile environment where there are unprecedented issues, including the cost of construction, labour, documents, and so on, and other situations that one needs to deal with regularly. This leads to delay in the construction of Civil warehouses.

Therefore Pre-Engineered Building is the best choice for the construction of commercial structures like warehouses.

3. PEB Warehouses are Delivered On-Time

As discussed earlier, PEBs are manufactured in a controlled environment, and all the factors including labour, materials, design of the structure, and so on, are decided before the beginning of the construction process. This reduces the overall time of construction and aids the PEB warehouses to be delivered on time.

In case of construction of civil warehouses, there are various issues like labour, delivery of materials and so on which can cause delay in the completion of the project.

4. PEB Warehouses have more Clear Span

Clear span is the distance between two inside surfaces of a building that is clear of posts and beams. In PEB warehouses, one gets more span width and more usable area with significantly less utilization of area by the building components. So a clear span of 80 ft, 100 ft and so on, can be easily designed in a warehouse which is very important from a commercial point of view.

Clear Span in PEB Warehouse





Clear Span in PEB Warehouse

This does not hold good in the case of civil warehouse and the inclusion of multiple columns or support pillars can increase the cost of construction significantly.

This is something that makes Pre-Engineered Buildings the best choice when it comes to warehouse construction.

5. No need for constant Execution Check while constructing PEB Warehouses

The controlled environment of PEB manufacturing includes the design and production of the building materials in factories which are then assembled on the site of construction. The materials are made with the help of superior technology under strict supervision and guidelines. The quality check of the materials is done in the plant. So there is no need to be concerned about quality issues.

In civil warehouse constructions, there are chances of loss of materials by theft, labour misconduct, wastage of materials, and so on, which forces one to keep a check on the construction affair regularly. But in PEB warehouse constructions, there is no need to worry about the misdeed by workers or the wastage of materials, as all these factors will be overviewed by the PEB manufacturer and site engineer.

6. PEB Warehouse constructions are Easy and Hassle-free to Execute

PEB warehouses and all other PEB structures are easy to erect, dismantle and shift. They are basically erected on the site of construction with the help of nuts and bolts. So, if there is any need to make changes in the design or to dismantle and shift the entire building, it can be done quite easily.

In case of dismantling of any civil warehouse, there is a total loss of the building materials. But there is least wastage of construction materials in the dismantling of Pre-engineered buildings. Also, steel can be sold in the market as scraps and money can be recovered from it. Overall, one can recover up to 60% of their investment even on the dismantling of their PEB warehouse or any other PEB structure.

We hope that the above points are resourceful enough to show the advantages of PEB warehouse over Civil warehouses and will help you to choose wisely between these two options when you construct your next warehouse.

Adi Durga Steel is one of the leading steel manufactures in Eastern India. We have been in the steel industry for the last 30 years and have been dealing with all sorts of PEB constructions from the last 10 years. We have lately cooperated on a project with NPC and have gained significant insight and knowledge from them. With the support of advanced technology and years of experience, we make sure to deliver safe, efficient and affordable constructions.

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