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Optimum Time Duration To Construct A Pre-Engineered Building

The time taken to construct a PEB structure is one of the most important factor that makes PEB construction one’s first choice.  The optimum time duration to construct a fifty thousand square feet PEB structure is simply ninety days, that is, around three months. 

Here we are going to discuss in detail how these ninety days can be spent ideally to construct a Pre-Engineered building faster.

Day 1 - Finalisation of the PEB construction project

This is the very first day when the project is finalized. Within two or three days of this finalization day, an anchor bolt drawing is grafted out and sent for approval. An anchor bolts drawing exhibits the diameter, area and projection of all anchor bolts for the components of a Pre-Engineered steel building. In this anchor bolt drawing the column reactions, the anchor bolt spacings and maximum base plate dimensions are specified as per the submitted land layout. 


FInalizing the Blueprint of PEB Structure

Day 7 - Approval of Anchor Bolt drawing is received

Around day seven, the pitch of the anchor bolt drawing is approved and the work on the GA or General Arrangement drawing of the PEB gets started.

Day 15 - Approval of the GA drawing is received

The General Arrangement drawing is submitted at around the tenth or eleventh day and the approval is received at around the fifteenth day. After receiving this approval, the civil work of the PEB begins according to the confirmed designs.

Day 25 - Completion of the Fabrication drawing

After the approval of the GA drawings, the process of Fabrication drawing is initiated based on the approved General Arrangement drawings. While the fabrication drawing is grafted, the civil work continues.

Day 30 - Beginning of the fabrication work

While the civil work is going on, the fabrication work also begins. At the same time, the building materials are also delivered to the construction site of the Pre-Engineered Building.

Fabrication of PEB Warehouse.png

Fabrication of PEB

Day 55 - The Anchor Bolt casting is done

During this time, the civil construction work of the PEB is ideally over and the anchor bolt casting is done. Anchor bolts are a combination of nuts and washers and are used to connect structural and non-structural elements to the concrete part of the building. The connection is made by a combination of different components like anchor bolts or fasteners, steel plates, and so on. Anchor bolts transfer various types of load, including tension forces and shear forces. After the PEB casting, the casted material is rested for around five days for curing.

Day 60 - The on-site erection of the PEB begins

Pre-Engineered Buildings are manufactured in factories with the help of advanced technology under the expert supervision and then erected on the building site with the help of nuts and bolts.


On-Site Erection Of PEB

By the sixteenth day, this erection process is started on the site of construction. It takes about twenty-five to thirty days from here to complete the erection of the PEB project.

Day 90 - The project is completed

By the nineteenth day, the construction process is over and the project is completed and handed over to the client. 

This is the standard process of PEB construction and the ideal time required to complete a Pre-Engineered Building. At Durga Steel we have a reputation of always finishing the work on time.

We hope that these insights and information will help people to understand more about the construction time and procedure of a PEB and help them to select the right manufacturer for their next project.

PEB structures are the future and if you are planning on expanding or building a new structure, go for it. We are just a call away.

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